Election themes

1) A student friendly city

In the metropolitan area there are good chances of being educated through the 10 different universities and universities of applied sciences. Helsinki should invest to a chance for the students, to reach easily their schools by public transport, by walk or by bike. The price of the apartment is the most important criteria for the students. Because there isn’t necessarily decent priced apartments around the campus area, this leads to unreasonable distance and travel times between home and school. Students should be considered as a special group and the city needs to support the students rights to study full-time. This the city can do through leading by example and giving students intern salary to everyone who interns at the city.

2) Healthy youth

Services, health and well-being of young and low-income residents, such as students, must be secured. When eradicating social and health problems, the main focus should be on prevention and the availability of easily accessible mental health services should be improved significantly. The first treatment contact should be available everywhere within one month from the seeking of treatment. The position of students with children should be improved by introducing part-time day care in the Helsinki region, which would allow students to study and attend lectures without removing the right to the child home care allowance. All services should be available in three languages.

3) Cultural services for all

The city needs to provide high quality cultural services and support smaller organizations and artists through grants. In addition the city needs to enable better visibility for the organizations and artists by for example building an easily usable platform for all devices, where consumers can find all the available cultural services. The cultural services need to a part of the elementary school and enough resources should be reserved for this, by for example allowing traveling during school time free of charge.